Christmas! It is nearly here, 4 days away in fact. Therefore because I am simply being completely lazy I have decided to chat about christmas in my family. My family has the great and awesome tradition of coming together for christmas. In fact we always get together for christmas. Past years have included adventures suchContinue reading “Christmas”

A Year In Review

It is official. I have finished my first year of my degree. Already, 1 year is done. It is crazy to think that I have already completed ΒΌ of my degree. This year has been all about growing up and learning how to adult which is possibly one of the most petrifying things in theContinue reading “A Year In Review”

The Unprepared students starting college survival guide… By an unprepared student

For me college starts on monday and to be blatantly honest I am really unprepared. After quite literally doing nothing for the past 4 months I have come to a point where I should be organised and ready for college starting in order to begin my undergraduate course however I am 100% unprepared for whatContinue reading “The Unprepared students starting college survival guide… By an unprepared student”

Some Of My Favourite Photos that I have Taken

Earlier this year my family made the acquisition of a Canon 70D dslr camera and since then I have become rather addicted to photography and slowly I am acquiring new and improved skills that I can use to produce photos of astounding quality and beauty. I have some favourites that for me each have storiesContinue reading “Some Of My Favourite Photos that I have Taken”

New Desk = New Found Productivity

So just recently I received a new desk and with this new desk came a new found level of productivity that I have not felt for a very long time. I am currently completing the last few weeks of my school career with my HSC exams to come after that. Therefore I have a greatContinue reading “New Desk = New Found Productivity”