Online Influence (Navigating Social Media and Rape Culture)

Join hosts Daron and Andrew as they discuss Andrew Tate, schools struggling with the influence of social media and how parents can speak into their child’s life in the current world. Resources:

Values and the New Life

Growing up I remember often hearing sermons about ‘plastic Christians’ or Christians that were not the real deal and wouldn’t stand up to the tests before us. Within my faith tradition, this often came in the theme of last day events which left me with a feeling of eschatological anxiety (or fear of the end.)Continue reading “Values and the New Life”

The Case for Face Masks

Covid-19… The catastrophic pandemic of 2020 has changed the face of our relationships, workplaces, economies and churches. Along with this many people now have face masks adorning their face. The wearing of face masks has almost immediately become a victim of the politicisation of everything we do. Conspiracists have also taken this much needed publicContinue reading “The Case for Face Masks”

Go and Do Likewise!

This morning I preached a sermon on the being the best neighbours. I wrote this sermon a couple of weeks ago, long before George Floyd died at the hands of a police officer, someone who is meant to serve and protect the community. I have ruminated for the last couple of days over what IContinue reading “Go and Do Likewise!”

Do You Have to Know EVERYTHING?

Over the past few months, I have noticed something interesting. It appears that there are a few times in life where people want to know every little detail of your life. These moments are when one gets engaged, when planning for a wedding and when one is pregnant. Apparently, these are moments that everyone hasContinue reading “Do You Have to Know EVERYTHING?”

Staying You In A Changing World

The social climate at the moment is suffering dramatic changes that are in many ways more dramatic the physical climate is experiencing through global warming.  Donald Trump is president, xenophobic groups that supported him are feeling empowered, people that are usually peaceful are becoming aggressive and much more. It is extremely easy to get suckedContinue reading “Staying You In A Changing World”

The Self Important Christian

Being a ‘Christian in the age of ‘self importance’ The word Christian has many different meanings to many different people. The word itself has a rough history that is chequered, bloody and at the same time rich. It is a word that has caused great pain to many and great joy to many others. TheContinue reading “The Self Important Christian”