Andrew Pratt Online Ministries is a place I have created with the goal of discovering where culture, faith and society intersect. I create podcasts, videos and blogs all around ministry which is my calling.

What am I about?


Every single person is uniquely created by God, the creator of all things. As such we explore together how we can all live that best life. How we cal all live in harmony despite the vast differences society has driven between different people.


Ministry is as broad as it is intense. As such we explore both the highs and lows together. Discovering the unique spaces God has called us all into.


One of my essential values is growth. As such we will grow together, explore books, discover new ways of living and doing ministry. Most of all we will highlight how our growth can transform and inform our relationships.

My Current Projects


Join me on the NXT GEN podcast as we discuss faith, culture and current issues facing them church. This is a space for exploration, learning and growth.


Join me on my YouTube Channel as I vlog, share sermons and journey on a constant path of discovering my place in the world.


Join me on my blog as I explore similar themes to the podcast and also discover the rich history of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and how it can inform where we are right now.

Blog Posts


Email Contacts

Me: andrew.w.j.pratt3@gmail.com


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