NXT GEN Podcast

Join me on the NXT GEN podcast as we discuss faith, culture and current issues facing them church. This is a space for exploration, learning and growth. Dive in with me as we discover our place in the world and discuss the issues of the time.

Values and The New Life? NXT GEN

In this episode we discuss what it means to have a new life in Christ and how your values + the Church’s values tie into this experience.Website: http://www.andrewprattminsitry.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/prattonlineministries/
  1. Values and The New Life?
  2. Answers in Coronavirus?
  3. I Hate Small Groups! So I am Starting One.
  4. Natural Disasters and God!
  5. Living Sacrifice? The Why of Culture Change

Humanity is stubborn. Even when we are handed with devastation, a pandemic, disaster after disaster. We still wake up every morning, head to work and change the world. Little bit by little bit.

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