Go and Do Likewise!

This morning I preached a sermon on the being the best neighbours. I wrote this sermon a couple of weeks ago, long before George Floyd died at the hands of a police officer, someone who is meant to serve and protect the community. I have ruminated for the last couple of days over what IContinue reading “Go and Do Likewise!”


Christmas! It is nearly here, 4 days away in fact. Therefore because I am simply being completely lazy I have decided to chat about christmas in my family. My family has the great and awesome tradition of coming together for christmas. In fact we always get together for christmas. Past years have included adventures suchContinue reading “Christmas”

Hard Work is Never Shameful

Throughout my relatively short 19 years of life I have often had one overbearing emotion. Shame or embarrassment of things I have worked on whether it be my YouTube videos or my writing or my positive test results. I have often wondered why I feel this and I have come to the conclusion that thisContinue reading “Hard Work is Never Shameful”

Chris Hadfield and Others Launch National Science Week

So on Saturday evening I headed down to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney where there was an event for the launch of National Science Week for 2014. At this event that I attended there was a very large number of people there to celebrate science in Australia. This even was special for the fact thatContinue reading “Chris Hadfield and Others Launch National Science Week”

A Path To Follow

So today in biology, some friends and I were discussing how people think and the difference amongst individuals in the way that they think. It was then that a friend and I began discussing what we see when we read books. Yes you read that right what we see when we read books. When IContinue reading “A Path To Follow”

New Desk = New Found Productivity

So just recently I received a new desk and with this new desk came a new found level of productivity that I have not felt for a very long time. I am currently completing the last few weeks of my school career with my HSC exams to come after that. Therefore I have a greatContinue reading “New Desk = New Found Productivity”