New Desk = New Found Productivity

So just recently I received a new desk and with this new desk came a new found level of productivity that I have not felt for a very long time. I am currently completing the last few weeks of my school career with my HSC exams to come after that. Therefore I have a great need to be productive in order to complete a large amount of study in the required time. So I have decided to invest in methods that inspire me to remain productive throughout this tense time.

#1 – Get Organised

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.22.28 pm
The organization beginning to take place in my drawers

In my eyes possibly the most important thing that I can think of is maintaining organisation. Whether it be simply your stationary draw, or having to reorganise all of your notes. If you are organised you will find it much easier to be able to concentrate and focus on the tasks that are at hand.

#2 – Plan what you are going to do ahead of time

Planning ahead allows you to create a deadline to which you are more likely to stick to. However if you are like me any chance that you get to procrastinate you will take. Therefore don’t use planning to do things as a method as procrastination as it won’t get you anywhere but an awesomely elaborate plan.

#3 Declutter your workspace

Reduce anything that is in your environment that can cause distractions. Whether it be a phone, unnecessary screens or even just general clutter. Removing this clutter will enable you to be able to focus on the task at hand without becoming distracted therefore completing more work.

In this video below I discuss these tips and also just in general my set up that I have at my desk.

New Desk Creates More Productivity Improvements

Above are a few tips that I am trying to stick by. You don’t need to do anything elaborate, just use an amount of common sense when planning to do work or study that you need to remain productive for.

Andrew Pratt


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I am a second year intern Pastor. Constantly learning more about where I fit in this world and just doing life with my amazing wife Michaela as best I can. Join me on this journey.

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