Staying You In A Changing World

The social climate at the moment is suffering dramatic changes that are in many ways more dramatic the physical climate is experiencing through global warming.  Donald Trump is president, xenophobic groups that supported him are feeling empowered, people that are usually peaceful are becoming aggressive and much more. It is extremely easy to get sucked into an argument that has no real purpose. It is even easier to make a throwaway comment without thinking of the implications. If anyone is guilty of these things, it is me. So the question I am left with is how do I stay me despite the changing world full of viewpoints I don’t agree with.

There is a saying that respect should be earnt, I am challenging that with respect is always deserved

The Green brothers of Vlogbrothers fame have a saying which is ‘Don’t Forget To Be Awesome’ of (DFTBA) for short. This saying brings with it many meanings, however for

Hank Green and John Green have nurtured a culture of acceptance within communities on the internet

me it brings with it acceptance, be being awesome I am willing to listen to viewpoints that I don’t agree with, process them, learn about the other person and then make a decision as to how I treat that opinion. Notice I am treating the opinion, not the person. By being awesome, I am not going to lessen an individual’s human hood just because they happen to hold an opinion I do not agree with be it political or spiritual. I am often pulled into unnecessary discussions that if I am not careful can easily become hurtful to many people. I have realised that another persons opinion while important to who they are does not determine how I should treat them. There is a saying that respect should be earnt, I am challenging that with respect is always deserved. If we claim to be Christian or even a decent person, we should respect everyone always.

So the question remains, how do we stay ourselves in a changing world. The answer to that question is not simple, however, by maintaining a level of humanity between each other I believe being true to oneself will flow naturally. Perhaps we need to take inspiration from bees, they all work together for a goal, the prosperity of the hive, perhaps we all need to work togehter for the posperity of the humanity.img_6044 The question then is how do we create a culture that believes in the reality of humanity rather than the politcal conversations that are present at the moment. For that, I do not have an answer, but I am sure that another person may have a little piece of the puzzle that we are currently trying to solve.


Published by Andrew Pratt

I am a second year intern Pastor. Constantly learning more about where I fit in this world and just doing life with my amazing wife Michaela as best I can. Join me on this journey.

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