A Year In Review

It is official. I have finished my first year of my degree. Already, 1 year is done. It is crazy to think that I have already completed ¼ of my degree. This year has been all about growing up and learning how to adult which is possibly one of the most petrifying things in the world. So in doing this I have decided to take a look at the things that have happened this year and how they have impacted me.

  1. So the first major event that happened this year was starting my degree. There was massive amounts of uncertainty as to what to expect and what expectations there were on me. Further to this I was able to navigate my first semester of study successfully.
  2. The next major event of 2015 for me personally was developing in regards to my ability to read other peoples emotions. With my High Functioning Autism I often find it difficult to respond to emotions, I am able to pick up on the emotions present but it is my response that is lacking. In my degree in ministry and theology I need to be able to picky up on peoples emotions and the developments I have made in this area have been extremely significant.
  3. I learnt another language. In semester 2 I had to learn Hebrew for one of my subjects and this was accomplished successfully. This is a big thing for me as something such as languages is something that I would normally struggle with however my hard work quickly paid off.
  4. Completing the first year of my degree. This is a big moment for me as it proves that I have been able to adjust well to the new expectations that are involved with tertiary education and it also proves personally that I am definitely capable of anything that I put my mind to.

2015… It is almost over, December is already here and when I look back on 2015 I think I will always see it as a time when I achieved things that I will forever be proud of. Heres to a bright, fun and enjoyable 2016 to come.

Published by Andrew Pratt

I am a second year intern Pastor. Constantly learning more about where I fit in this world and just doing life with my amazing wife Michaela as best I can. Join me on this journey.

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