The End is Nigh

I am currently completing the final days of my school education and the past 13 years have had numerous ups and downs. However it is thinking about what is to come after schooling that really has my brain hurting, I know what I want to do and I have applied to do this however it is more the fact that such a large portion of my insignificant 18 years of life has been designated to school that it is almost difficult to think of doing anything else with my time.


So the first challenge is getting a job so that I can pay my tuition bills for the next four years, and then there is the small factor of having to also pay any other bills that may crop up from time to time. All together finishing school whilst exciting has begun to feel kind of daunting due to the plethora of changes that are bound to occur over the next few months. Therefore after the HSC I have decided to make it my mission to make sure that I am doing all that I can to keep connections with individuals whom I see as important to my life as an 18 year old trying to figure out the crazy world that we live in. I am going to try to remain true to myself through everything that is bound to happen and I am relying on my closest friends and family to remind me to not wander too far away from the path that is myself.

The changes that are taking place in my life are crazy, daunting and exhilarating all at the same time and it is due to this that I am excited for what is to come in the next period of time in my life.

Andrew Pratt


Chris Hadfield and Others Launch National Science Week

So on Saturday evening I headed down to the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney where there was an event for the launch of National Science Week for 2014. At this event that I attended there was a very large number of people there to celebrate science in Australia. This even was special for the fact that Chris Hadfield who is possibly one of the most famous astronauts ever was there to speak to all of us about his exploits in space and life and about all of his experiences on his 3 space flights across two different vehicles. Hearing Chris Hadfield speak was the realisation of a dream that I have had for quite a while now and the icing on the cake if the cake wasn’t enough was that Destin from the Youtube channel ‘Smarter Everyday’ was also there and he spoke which was the fulfilment of another dream.

Chris spoke about a vast range of things but the point that he hammered home was that it isn’t about where you in life, are it is all about the perspective through which you view life in its entirety. Through this Chris spoke about his work in social media whilst on the International Space Station which has most contributed to his fame at the moment. Chris said that “posting photos and videos on twitter and Youtube was not for my own personal gain, rather it was there to inspire people to begin to take a different perspective on the world.” It was this philosophy that really struck home to me. Chris spoke about setting goals no matter what they are yet taking each day as it comes as every day is a blessing. Chris’s philosophy on this was one that you could see impacting the audience in a very real way whilst validating his authenticity which was observable immediately. 

“posting photos and videos on twitter and Youtube was not for my own personal gain, rather it was there to inspire people to begin to take a different perspective on the world.” – Chris Hadfield

After the program was over I got the chance to meet Destin in person which was awesome as it was Destin’s videos that inspired me to do Physics and Biology for my HSC which I am about to sit in around a month. Destin was really authentic and you could tell that he really has a genuine interest in seeing people become interested and invested in science throughout the world.

Photo of the meet I got with Destin at the event at the Powerhouse Museum
Photo of the meet I got with Destin at the event at the Powerhouse Museum

All in all Saturday evening was an awesome time despite the long time that was spent travelling on the train. If you ever get the chance to hear Destin or Chris speak I would grasp it with both hands as it is an awesome experience that you will never forget as the words that Chris speaks are easily identified as completely genuine. 

Andrew Pratt

A Path To Follow

So today in biology, some friends and I were discussing how people think and the difference amongst individuals in the way that they think. It was then that a friend and I began discussing what we see when we read books. Yes you read that right what we see when we read books. When I read a book I become completely drawn into the world that is being described to the point that when I read it feels like a movie playing in my head, yet it is a movie that can last for a very long time particularly with series of books.

It was then that I realised just how important it is for me to read as I have ever since I was very young. Reading gives you a sense of fulfilment like nothing else I have come across. Personally reading has allowed me to become a functional part of society. Dr Ben Carson who is a world renowned neurosurgeon become who he is today only thanks to his mothers insistence on reading when he was a kid. Dr Carson has since become a strong proponent of reading amongst young people as it opens doors that were once closed through it giving you knowledge that can only be acquired through reading and also providing a method for your brain to without your knowledge become stronger in many ways. Through reading almost anything is possible and when you look at many influential people in the world you are shown that they are all individuals who as young people read profusely. 

“It was then that I realised just how important it is for me to read as I have ever since I was very young.”

However it would surprise you to realise just how many people struggle to or cannot read as either their parents did not believe in reading or they have a disability that inhibits their ability to read. Yes not all information is acquired through reading and there is not the ability to immerse oneself in these worlds within books through audiobooks however personally I believe that reading is an essential tool in order to be able to access the world that we live in successfully.

Andrew Pratt

Some Of My Favourite Photos that I have Taken

Earlier this year my family made the acquisition of a Canon 70D dslr camera and since then I have become rather addicted to photography and slowly I am acquiring new and improved skills that I can use to produce photos of astounding quality and beauty. I have some favourites that for me each have stories behind them.

One of our puppies that were born in late December 2013
One of our puppies that were born in late December 2013
A sunrise at grassy head on the East Coast of Australia taken in April 2014
A sunrise at grassy head on the East Coast of Australia taken in April 2014
A sunrise at grassy head on the East Coast of Australia looking back down along the beach. Taken in April 2014
A sunrise at grassy head on the East Coast of Australia looking back down along the beach. Taken in April 2014
A sunrise at grassy head on the East Coast of Australia looking down at the rocks below. Taken in April 2014
A sunrise at grassy head on the East Coast of Australia looking down at the rocks below. Taken in April 2014

It is Not What You Think!

One thing that I have found is that a vast number of my friends assume that in order to achieve the results in school that I do that I do not do any work. However this is not the case, I work extremely hard all the time and it is only through maintaining a persistent amount of effort for the entirety of my school year in order to achieve as high as I can. Personally I want to do well and this will only occur if I maintain constant effort in order to keep my brain active and ready to process information. Personally I have a processing delay that means that it takes longer to process what a question is asking and to then complete it. I have found that in order to overcome this I must have all the information necessary ready in my brain for any question that is asked.

I was talking to someone the other week and they just assumed that I had done no work whatsoever when in fact I had worked for hundreds of hours in the months and weeks leading up to exams. For me personally I find it annoying when people assume that I am either lazy or don’t need to study or prepare. Whilst I could take this as a compliment I find it silly that there people are so naive as to assume that I don’t work hard at what I do. For people in general it is common for them to make assumptions without knowing all of the facts. Therefore I would like to give people a rundown of my study each afternoon.


“I was talking to someone the other week and they just assumed that I had done no work whatsoever”


When I get home from school I first spend half an hour relaxing and spending time on Facebook, instagram etc. Then I begin my study by doing any homework or assignments that are necessary in order to be able to survive at school. Then once this is done I allocate and hour and a half of time to completing a practice essay for any subject before doing a selection of practice multiple choice questions. By this time it is usually about 6pm so I then head outside to lock up my ducks and chooks. Once I come back in it is time to organise/prepare for tea. After tea it is around 7pm and then I head back and do study of my choice on a subject that needs extra work before stopping to spend time talking to friends and other things at about 9:30pm.

Each day this is my general routine and it totals into a lot of work that robs me of the nonexistent social life that I had. I believe that it will take a great wake up call to many individuals for them to realise the amount of effort that is put into my grades.

Andrew Pratt

Get With The Times

One of the great controversies that is currently a hot button issue here in Australia is copyright and more importantly the issue of piracy and why we here in Australia love to pirate content at an alarming rate? One of the explanations that has been constantly floated and in my eyes is completely right is the lack of availability of fairly priced content within Australia. As Aussies we do not like being ripped off and not being able to partake in a fair deal. The other issue is that the availability of content is constantly blocked or delayed by up to 8 months compared to when it was made available in the UK or USA and in this modern day there is no reason for there to be such a large delay. Yes some shows are ‘fast tracked’ however it is still not a brilliant system and it has many flaws which result in viewers and consumers becoming frustrated and resorting to a place where content is readily available which just so happens to be torrenting.

So what needs to happen in order for this piracy problem within Australia. Well firstly the legislation that is being proposed by Attorney General Brandis needs to be revoked as it is only reducing the freedoms of Australians. In order to reduce the piracy issue there content problem has to be addressed through allowing services such as netflix into Australia thus increasing competition and increasing the availability of content.

The issue of piracy and the availability of content is a very contentious issue and it is only through the government consulting with industry and civilians in order to gather a picture of what Australia needs to curb this copyright infringing behaviour.


Andrew Pratt

Stress The Killer

So after a two week student vacation or STUVAC as many call it I am heading back to school. So going back to school tomorrow has turned up a few problems. I have no idea what week it is of our two week timetable cycle. Let alone me having any idea as to the subjects I have, the only think I know I have is a free period at some stage tomorrow.

Therefore I am either completely ignorant or I am not the only individual who has no idea what is happening after a period of not having to stress about much. I have not had to think about school or my timetable for quite a while, personally I think that it is healthy to simply forget about many things. This therefore allows you to decompress and destress after a period in which stress has been at an all time high. Just being able to let my mind relax has dramatically improved my mental health in comparison to three weeks ago when I was stressing like crazy over the amount of things that needed to be done before my Trial HSC exams. Therefore being able to just forget things is important to being able to reduce the amount of stimuli and pressure that the brain is under thus improving results due to a more relaxed state.

It is important to stop, decompress, and destress. Otherwise as individuals we will become overstimulated and stress resulting in our health being adversely affected. Stress is a major contributor to many prevalent chronic douses and as such it is important to keep a tap on how much stress we put ourselves under.


Andrew Pratt

New Desk = New Found Productivity

So just recently I received a new desk and with this new desk came a new found level of productivity that I have not felt for a very long time. I am currently completing the last few weeks of my school career with my HSC exams to come after that. Therefore I have a great need to be productive in order to complete a large amount of study in the required time. So I have decided to invest in methods that inspire me to remain productive throughout this tense time.

#1 – Get Organised

Screen Shot 2014-08-17 at 6.22.28 pm
The organization beginning to take place in my drawers

In my eyes possibly the most important thing that I can think of is maintaining organisation. Whether it be simply your stationary draw, or having to reorganise all of your notes. If you are organised you will find it much easier to be able to concentrate and focus on the tasks that are at hand.

#2 – Plan what you are going to do ahead of time

Planning ahead allows you to create a deadline to which you are more likely to stick to. However if you are like me any chance that you get to procrastinate you will take. Therefore don’t use planning to do things as a method as procrastination as it won’t get you anywhere but an awesomely elaborate plan.

#3 Declutter your workspace

Reduce anything that is in your environment that can cause distractions. Whether it be a phone, unnecessary screens or even just general clutter. Removing this clutter will enable you to be able to focus on the task at hand without becoming distracted therefore completing more work.

In this video below I discuss these tips and also just in general my set up that I have at my desk.

New Desk Creates More Productivity Improvements

Above are a few tips that I am trying to stick by. You don’t need to do anything elaborate, just use an amount of common sense when planning to do work or study that you need to remain productive for.

Andrew Pratt

Conclusions From Actions

I have come to the conclusion that my friends actions and words to and about me shall no longer hold any weight on how I feel. If I am important enough to them, for them to be worrying about me rather than themselves it actually makes my day. I mean don’t they say that any publicity is good publicity. I almost feel as though a similar message applies to this.

People are ride, arrogant and abusive towards one another. This has confirmed what was already confirmed. That people are complete an utter 3 year olds who hate each other for eating too much both metaphorical and literally 

GoPro Shots

This video is a collection of some of my GoPro footage. Still learning so expect some rad videos coming your way. Shot 100% on GoPro Hero3 Black Edition.

My Strange Addiction.

It has been brought to my attention by some of my friends that in the past couple of weeks I have gained a strange addiction. Glee. Yes I have gotten addicted to all things glee and in the past week and a bit I have seen every single episode of the show. I believe that this is quite sad seeing as I am a 17 year old guy… I mean I may as well kill myself now and save the humiliation that is bound to brought onto me by my cousin who got me hooked in the first place. 😃👍


At the moment I am in need of some inspiration on videos that I can create with my GoPro Hero 3 Black edition camera. I have made a few crummy videos in the past and I am in need of some good events that I can shoot. Some example of stills taken from some of my videos are below





I will post some links to my youtube videos in my next post.

Andrew Pratt

STORM co time again

Well it has come to one of my favourite times of year again where I get to go away for a week and serve a community with community service and Kids clubs. This will be my second STORMco this year and it is something that I have a real passion for. I believe that it is imperative to the well being of an individual to serve as it provides a sense of fulfilment and well being like no other.






As you can see from the photos we go out in teams of between 18 and 40 to in this case from earlier this case earlier this year Cobar New South Wales Australia. I hope this has given you an insight into STORM co and I will pinky promise post more stuff now that I have year 11 out of the way and I only have my final year of school to focus on.

Signing off


Wow I am lazy

Wow I seem to get very lazy and not post for a year. 😦 I need to get posting more. I am going to be posting a lot in order to aid my essay writing skills for advanced English.

Anyway. Year 11 is going to be a very scary experience I think, but I think that I can do very well for myself. Anyway I promise to update my blog as much as I can around all of my study and of course my Facebook addiction. Oh and you guys should all like both of my Facebook pages 😀

Mothers Day

This Sunday is of course mothers day and mothers deserve a day of relaxation and preservation after all of the work they put into kids and children. My mum isn’t like many others who want breakfast in bed. My mum often asks for a tidy house or work done to maintain our property. However all mothers are an important part of our lives so I have found an awesome mothers poem.

When I was a small child.
you held my hand and smiled.
When I got hurt I would cry.
you would giggle and dry my eye.
life has difficult decisions and you were my guide.
you taught me how to decide.
you told me that the bad should be denied.
and that family should never be put aside.

when I was a small child.
I was a little wild.
as I grew I’ve done a few wrong things and it’s true.
there’s a lot of things I’ve wanted to tell you.
and when we have problems we always make it through.
but one thing that I want you to know is that

MOM I Love YOU!!

Source: Things Mom Told Me, Mothers Day Poem


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